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     Colleagues here are exceptionally friendly, reliable, and always communicative, delivering outstanding service. Thanks!
Katlyn Jacoby20/07/2024
     Phenomenal service - my sofa is like new! Professional and courteous team with excellent communication. Highly recommend.
Connor F.10/07/2024
     Showed up ahead of time, kept in touch reliably and did a marvellous task.
Anne F.25/10/2023
     The cleaner was exorbitantly meticulous and expertly efficient. I contracted a 3 hour thorough scrubbing exclusively in one corner of my abode, finished so brilliantly it 'd be hard for me to find fault with it.
Roy Rimes19/07/2023
     Needed some help with my home cleaning after falling ill, and found BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners online. After reading the reviews and talking to the team I know they were the right company for me, and they have never let me down.
Ian Holmes19/05/2020
     I will definitely call them back! The house looked amazing after and they went above and beyond! Hard-working! So nice to find!!
Gina F.19/09/2019
     I was over the moon with the reasonably priced rug cleaning service I used recently. BelsizeParkCarpetCleaning were fabulous and did a super job in getting rid of all the dirt and stains that had gradually gathered over time.
Carolyn Roberts14/07/2015
     After having a few problems with break-ins I really wasn't in the mood to have anyone around. After a mate recommended BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners though - and I'm glad she did! - these fellas are really spot on. I gave them a call after a while and the advisor was really friendly, I wasn't even sure if they worked in my area... I have to say though, they're really good at what they do and I can see why they're staying afloat these days. Honestly, if you need any cleaning, just give them a shout, good reliable people!
Peter T.23/10/2014
     I found BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners to be excellent, in fact probably the best cleaning company I have ever used. I've had quite a few cleaners from them now and each time the cleaning itself was as I wanted to be. I tried other companies and although some were good, often the actual cleaning just wasn't good enough. This company was so much better. I like the fact as well there are flexible and a cleaner can come round fairly quickly. I have a regular service now but for instance, one time I needed my home looking especially nice for someone I wanted to impress who was coming around, I got a cleaner at very short notice from this company and I want to say thank you for that as well.
Kimberly O'Hara13/08/2014
     Here's to BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners who have been keeping me sane for three months now! My new job means that I am totally stressed and too busy to think about anything else at all times, which means that cleaning just is not the kind of thing that I have time for. I find that using a cleaning company has meant that I don't have to worry about it, and that is one less things stressing me out every day. They are excellent in being discreet whilst also giving me a decent clean for the money, so it is great value all round in my eyes! A wonderful company, very useful indeed.
Steven Richardson31/07/2014
     I was searching for months for a decent cleaning service that didn't result in me very quickly running out of money. I saw that more and more people in my village were hiring cleaners from BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners so to see what all the speculation was about, I called up to give it a try myself. I mean that many people couldn't be wrong, right? Even after the first clean I could see why everyone was going crazy! After seeing the results, their prices seemed too good to be true. I've recommended this company to everyone I know, I just can't get enough!
Alex E.16/07/2014
     Whenever our kitchen needs a professional clean for health and safety requirements, BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners have always been on hand to deal with the cleaning for us. Their cleaners are available on any day of the week and can bring all the products they need to deal with the kitchen cleaning thoroughly. They do everything including the oven hoods, the oven interior, behind the fridges and all the surfaces, using strong disinfectants where necessary to make sure that there can be no contamination. The cleaning services on of have really benefited my business and I'm very pleased to have them on board!
Mark P.30/06/2014
     There is only ever one company I call when it comes to getting the best possible cleaning results in my house. Ever since I first found BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners, they've made my life so much easier. Their approach to cleaning just seems to fit perfectly into my life and I cannot begin to tell you how much extra time I now have to myself because I don't have to worry about cleaning as soon as I get home from work. When it comes to getting the house clean, there's one company I'll trust and only one company I'd recommend to everyone.
Debra Jenkins04/06/2014
     I hired BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners because I was intrigued to see what they do, I do clean and I clean often but I had heard many good things about this company and just wanted to try it out for myself. I understand now, why people praise them. I certainly didn't expect my sofa to look new again, and my kitchen and bathroom tiles have never seen a shine like this before. I'd love to know what their secret is, better still I'm glad I can just ring them up and book them in instead as it saves me having to graft and work hard to get results nowhere near as good.
Gary D.08/05/2014
     I was quite ill for a few months and everyday tasks that should have been easy for me to do suddenly became quite difficult. My house cleaning really suffered as I couldn't get down on my hands and knees or get into those tough and high-up corners. I got in touch with BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners to see if I could find the help I needed and now I have the best professional house cleaner that I could have hoped her! She's friendly, experienced and always does an amazing job. My house looks perfect thanks to this cleaning company! I couldn't be more pleased!
Anne M.16/04/2014
     We like to eat on the floor, as people would in Japan. Sometimes, this means that the odd sauce or food/drink item is spilled on the carpet. We decided to have our carpets cleaned to see whether we could get rid of the stains. I heard a lot of great things about BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners so I thought I would test them out for myself. They are really friendly and helpful and got our carpets fully cleaned in just a few hours. I was so happy that my carpet was looking as good as it did when it was first installed.
Ying Yon27/03/2014
     I have never been compelled to write a review in my life, but such is the level of BelsizeParkCarpetCleaners's service that I had to write it down to whole-heartedly recommend them. It all started a few years ago when I got them in for some carpet cleaning that was long overdue. They did such a great job that I asked them to do my upholstery as well, which they did again with superb results. I now use them for everything - it seems like they have been dusting my skirting rails and cleaning my bathroom for a lifetime!
W. Underworth02/12/2013